Tamar Nikuradze was born on 1st June 1978 in Batumi Maternity House and grew up in Batumi, Ajara, Georgia. Her father, Mikheil, driver, spoke several languages, adored reading and wrote indecent, joyful poetry, which have never been published. Her mother, Nanuli Chitaishvili, a former accountant, is currently occupied with the upbringing of her grandchildren.


In her childhood, Tamar was particularly sensitive. Being keen on detective genre, fear would wake her up early in the mornings. She loved painting and right for that reason appeared at Painting School, the final year of which was given up by her. She has never thought of becoming a writer. The only thing she dreamed of in her childhood was to be a queen. Once, being a third grade pupil, she announced to her father she wanted to be the Queen of Georgia. Father did not hesitate to respond with much seriousness to write an application for that. So Tamar considered the fact adequate.

Fun and sense of humor have been inseparable friends to Tamar. “I can’t live without them”, she told us with a naughty smile.

Despite her less active school years, the entire studentship was hyper active organizing different events and taking part in number of competitions.

As said above, she didn’t think of becoming a writer. However, “writing games” originate from her childhood diaries. Her and her friends’ everyday, funny and diverse life stories employed real and interesting characters.

In 1995 finished #2 Public School. 1995 – 2000 she studied at Shota Rustaveli State University the Faculty of Foreign Languages (specialized in English language and literature). Graduated from the university in 2000. The same year, she was invited to deliver lectures as an invited lecturer at Rustaveli State University.

2011  – Entered Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Doctoral Studies, but later she transferred documents back to Rustaveli State University.

First book of poems “Carpe Diem” was published in 2012 under the pseudonym of Dorotea Parkeli.

The same year several poems were published in Ajara Literary Magazine “Chorokhi”.

2013 – Selection of 51 Haikus were published under the pseudonym Tai Hokiara.

2013 – She founded an organization “Dorotea Parkeli Charity Fund”. A lot of good charitable activities have been organized so far.

2016 – Several Haikus were published in Ajara LIterary Magazine “Chorokhi”.

2016 – A story “Three Strawberries” was published in the literary selection.

2017 – A short novel „Tsigrit“ was published in Ajara Literary Magazine “Chorokhi”.

2018 – Under sponsorship, “Tsigrit” was published as a separate book.

2018 – Member of Writers’ Creative Union of Georgia.

2019 – „Yellow Bus“ published in Ajara Literary Magazine “Chorokhi”.

2019 –  Was awarded “Ilia the Righteous Prose-Poetry award of Georgian Elite”.

2019 – World Vaccination for Tsigrit was created.

2019 – Created the fictional character ‘Queen of Philanthropy’.

2019 – Member of International Writers Association (IWA)

2019 – Became the nominee of laureate of London Literary Award

2019 – Publishing

2020 – TalentArea


World Vaccination for Tsigrit (Being translated into several languages)

The Queen of Philanthropy (fictional character)


Philanthropic Auction