“Tsigrit” is an original novel written to realize life issues of human aspiration and mischief, which should have been read by everybody. The writer knows her diagnosis, we have also been vaccinated. Now it’s your turn to avoid the pandemic of Tsigrit!

The author uses the income gained from the book on charitable activities.


If you ask me it is more a fairy tale age, of such a mixture of a reality – called surrealism.

Tamar Nikuradze – having felt the time, is awarded with a distinguished culture of writing. This ability, today, is a rare thing and demands not only the talent but labour as well. Plus skills of setting the plot of the composition and we can freely say: Tamar is an interesting writer of new generation; “Tsigrit” is one of the interesting texts born recently.

The setting develops in our time. Characters are also ordinary, modern grandmothers and mothers; it includes extraordinary characters as well, for instance, Late-Ted and Grumbie. Their adventure lingers between magic existence and bureaucratic, job interviews, like us, but simply we cannot or do not notice this magic part. 

All the tragic passage of life is probably this, taking no notice of the fairy tale – nobody has time for that. Thus, such books as “Tsigrit”, give us opportunity to seize the day that we haven’t noticed or perceived (like it is in the Soviet animation – “Hedgehog in the mist”) or it passed as if we were filling in the documents and could not understand.

The toponimics is also unexpected. For example, we all know SimonCy, but we cannot imagine things that happen there. Accordingly, any fantasy writer would give it any tangled name, but Tamar has chosen a provocative way and boldly covered it.

It is also worth to note separately the dialogue between the doctor and his nurse. Here, already a real, cultivated writer speaks to us and prepares us for the vaccination of Tsigrit.

Haven’t you heard about “Tsigrit”? In this case you really need to turn the book over. I will not help you, I just simply confirm: Great pleasure of reading is awaiting you with Boylet Professorson of course.

  by Giorgi Kekelidze – Writer and Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia 

       “Tsigrit”, by Tamar Nikuradze, realizing life problems, with extraordinary stylistic devices and an unlimited ability of word-formation, is a unique modern book created for readers with high taste. It shows us the real style, contents deep, shape – lapidary, laconic, fit for the contemporary, and the most important – extraordinary. While reading books, we frequently recall Buffon’s words: Style itself is a person. In spite of the fact that the author does  not call herself a writer, this compositions predicts her a bright future. Of course, the book is a result of the creative burning, but we think that this is an inborn talent, that was granted to the author along with other talents by mother nature.  

      The author does not take much time from naturally busy readers, in retaliation they will be vaccinated on “Tsigrit”. “Tsigrit” is a mirror, which is put in front of the reader by the author. The book urges to look into our own universe and lets us think: Do we suffer from boozing or dirt-daze, crampings or chair-charm. Oh-oh, it is possible to suffer from several diseases simultaneously, but feel oneself blithe (until one reads “Tsigrit”), as a person, according to our study, cannot detect a beam in one’s eye, but on the contrary, happily co-exists with it, cannot even live without it.

        “The number of fellows tired out by mothers, aunts and grandmothers exaggerated love, people who believe their own lies, have increased  around us”, girls seek only certified husbands. The country suffers from unemployment, some employed ones even add some more jobs. In competitions, some unemployed people give way to those who are already employed; a lot of families decay from “the lack of dirt-coins“.

All the topical issues of the composition are expressed with irony and sarcasm:

– Yes, but why put up squashed bottle? Never understand, as long as there exist disposable crumpled glasses, or even bare corn ears would be more attractive.

There are lots of unsolved issues in the country, that is why one of the prominent sightseeings of Wishington is the Statue of Wealth, the rich don’t even pay attention to it, but the poor day and night pray in front of it. The book teaches us that the standard of living depends on people and on how they direct life. 

     The composition attracts attention by speaking surnames and proper names: Late-Ted, Grumbie, Nevrick, Drillya, Discussick, Doshick, Twouplex, Wishington, DreamCy and so on. Some interesting names: peelchair, go ‘n kill and so on.

       There are original names of faculties, specializations and institutions as well: the specialization of sounding the oboe, Sense Management, Brain-drilling or faculties assisting rare ideas, Money-laundering Ministry and so on. One of the characters Peacie Bullier is the Director General of the National Union and he is (m)eating several interesting projects.

      The author creates a lot of new words: we meet occasional composites: soul-cloth, diplomamissing, ear-hear-narrowing, fat-pocketted,.. 

    Created words: popufamosity, Willism.

    Verbs: quenough, predi-provided, comfortably seated, waitworry, nerveuphearted, after-follow, got fed-over-drunk, your soul must have been hungered out.

  Having read these words we mechanically remember the peculiarity of Guram Dochanashvili’s fiction – to put a whole phrase in a concept: “inheartsoulsupporter”, “whitetrousertight”,”unfinished-star-tattoed”, “strangegazeshrouded”, “nostrils-largely-pricked up”, “nicelymossed”, “lastsipstillforgiven”…

  We meet occasional forms of suffixed passive: interesified, cleanhoused, clean clothed…

   Author shortens phrases and derives new words.

   Fictional world of the book is also impressive: she expresses actions figuratively, by metaphors and periphrasis: to pass through the Interrogation X-ray set, to unveil the stage of uncertainty, stay at the steering wheel of the fighting-car, having had rucksacked the heavy results of the interview, throw into the sea of jealousy.

There are unforgettable metaphors and stylistic devices in “Tsigrit”: crook-like peeled arguments, being in the wraths of such comfort, allure intoxicated virtue, tongue got locked in the speech apparatus, pregnant with problematic thoughts he couldn’t and couldn’t give a birth to any of the outcomes…

Author gracefully uses antithesis as well: souly spinster and romantic at heart, being physically eighty years old snd souly twenty.

  1. Nikuradze almost does not use foreign terms and borrowings. Instead of “vacancy” she has used “empty place“, instead of “CV” – “bio“, instead of dialogue –
    pairlogue“, “polylogue” is a “Three-alogue“, “narcosis” is a “sleeposys” and so on.

   This is a conscious attitude of the author towards mother tongue., it’s the mechanism of its survival in the epoch of globalization.

Thus, “Tsigrit” is an original novel written to realize life issues of human aspiration and mischief, which should have been read by everybody. The writer knows her diagnosis, we have also been vaccinated, now it’s your turn to avoid the pandemic of insidious disease of Tsigrit!

 Reviewed by Nana Tsetskhladze

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Associate Professor, Georgian Language Philologist.


Tamar Nikuradze 2018