For The First Time In History




Read and become aware

of the diseases in order to avoid them easily!

World Vaccination

The book deals with the 21st century disease. It is an extraordinary creation written to realize life issues of human aspiration and mischief, which should have been read by everybody. The writer knows her diagnosis; we have also been vaccinated.
Now it’s your turn to avoid the pandemic of Tsigrit!

Read urgently to get vaccinated!


I had several strange symptoms and when my friend heard about them, she advised me to read TSIGRIT.

So I did and now I’m so happy. I am aware of several killing diseases that can be avoided even by recognizing them.

Read Urgently to get vaccination.

– Davy Kartson

With Tsigrit, Tamar Nikuradze creates a unique literary universe that invites and challenges the reader to experience the kind of tragic-comic dislocation and insight that mirrors some of the 20th-century experiences of the Soviet sphere. Nikuradze herself is a product of the country of Georgia, that unique, ancient and complex culture, and her extraordinary linguistic skills and imagination have enabled her to produce a work of startling perception. Part Dostoevsky, part Bukowski, part Bulgakov and still yet all its own, Tsgrit demands the reader to buckle up as a precondition of the ride.

– Carla Mortensen